Valentine's Day is coming soon and why not get some inspired makeup. What's better for Valentine's Day than a little purple and pink? Let's see how to do this.

The other day I showed off the new Maybelline foundation. Today I will show you what it looks like and what I think of it right now. I'll do a full review after some testing. As you could see, the shades were quite dark, but I got the lightest shade sent home as 005 light beige. Fortunately, it was bright enough for me.

To learn even more about makeup, yesterday I was with a group of other bloggers invited to the Gilda school here in Stockholm. Gilda School is a school that trains dermatologists. The school is also located in Gothenburg and Malmö.

We received information about the school and how the training is conducted. The training lasts 1 year with 18 students. In the first semester, they study a lot of theory and practice healing each other in class. Since the second semester, they have been taking clients for treatment. You might think that training a dermatologist is easy, but it is as much as they should be able to. It's not just about the skin, but also about anatomy, muscles, skin cells, etc.

It was a lot of fun learning more about the skincare profession and school. I really got more knowledge.

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